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    News and exhibition

    Our company won the Shui Di Credit "Li Xin Enterprise" honor!

    Recently,  Shui Di  Credit "Li Xin Plan" announced the official launch.
     Shui Di  Credit "Li Xin Plan" is an activity to build a harmonious and trustworthy business environment, to help enterprises/businesses with good faith to better carry out production and operation, so as to improve economic benefits.

    The launching platform of this event,  Shui Di Credit ®, is a big data credit platform approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. The operator, "Shanghai Credit Security Credit Service Co., LTD.", is a cooperative credit reference institution in the credit construction of the national e-commerce industry.
     Shui Di Credit is committed to the establishment of credit files for enterprises and merchants, maintain credit, and combined with the scenization advantage of  Shui Di Credit for trustworthy enterprises and merchants to provide credit services, the enterprise/merchant good credit to show, let the credit visible, good credit out!

    In this Li Xin Plan activity, Shui Di Credit will carry out strict qualification examination for enterprises/merchants, and limit the number of enterprises/merchants that participate in the election. The selected enterprises are those that have passed the qualification examination and credit assessment and are willing to keep faith.

    Drip Credit will award a "Li Xin Plaque" to selected enterprises/businesses.
    Meanwhile, I will continuously track these enterprises and merchants, help them to establish credit, accumulate credit, and constantly improve the credit image of enterprises/merchants. Through enterprises/merchants, I will put the Lixin plaque on the business site of enterprises/merchants in an eye-catching position, so as to achieve the purpose of assisting enterprises/merchants in offline production and business activities.
    Display the good credit of the enterprise/merchant, gain the trust of customers, shorten the decision-making time of transaction, and quickly reach a deal.

    Our company is very honored to get the medal issued by Shui Di Credit, we will continue to work hard, maintain the dual ding manager philosophy, better service for customers!


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